"The most advanced formula,
The most comfortable syringe."


"The most advanced formula,
The most comfortable syringe."


Velvet Body Filler can elevate your aesthetic journey with our advanced, clinically proven formula for exceptional results.

Its unique formula, based on hyaluronic acid, provides exceptional results in body remodeling. Thanks to its ergonomic syringe, aesthetic doctors can enjoy optimal control during their procedures, ensuring natural and painless results for their patients. 


body filler that prioritizes

safety above all else

  • Aligns with the innate process of skin degradation and renewal.
  • Delivers immediate and reliable corrections of up to 100%.
  • Ensures enduring results.
  • Instantaneous impacts.
  • Authentic results.
  • Procedure without the need for surgery.
  • Velvet stands as the favored choice among certified aesthetic physicians for progressive body augmentation.

    With a 20 mL ergonomic syringe and a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid gel (25mg/mL), Velvet offers enhanced body contours. Its cross-linking agent BDDE and balanced pH ensure effective treatment for skin depressions and precise body remodeling. Velvet’s improved formula and outstanding results distinguish it as the reliable choice to maximize skills and elevate medical practices, providing lasting and satisfying outcomes. Trust Velvet to achieve an exceptional body transformation experience and meet the most demanding aesthetic needs.

    Areas of Application

    Velvet Body Filler offers personalized treatments for your body, with a focus on delivering the most gentle and softening effects.



    Body Depression




    The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) stands as a highly sought-after aesthetic procedure, renowned for enhancing the buttocks’ aesthetics. With the ability to deliver enduring and authentically natural outcomes, the non-invasive BBL has gained significant popularity in recent times.

    To enhance patients’ buttocks size and shape, the Avanescence BBL employs a minimally invasive approach. Typically performed under local anesthesia, the procedure lasts around one to two hours. It is an outpatient treatment, allowing patients to return home on the same day, eliminating the necessity for a hospital stay.

    Explore Velvet's impressive results in enhancing body contours through visual testimonials from satisfied patients.

    Through the precise and controlled application of our ergonomic syringe and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid gel, certified aesthetic doctors have achieved effective corrections of skin depressions and increases in body volume. The images testify to Velvet’s ability to deliver remarkable results and lasting benefits, enhancing natural beauty and generating greater aesthetic satisfaction.

    Revolutionize. Elevate. Transform.

    Empower Aesthetic Excellence: Elevate Your Practice with Avanescence Brazilian Butt Lift – Offer Your Patients Natural and Lasting Enhancements!

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